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Ensure your needs are met with organizational resources developed by EDCOM. We specialize in creating collaborative workplace resources that deliver due diligence, competency and compliance; with intelligence and design. A vibrant and energetic resource development business that establishes quality relationships with our clients. We have a proven track record of resource development with project management efficiency. In other words, we work hard to deliver a quality product, with quality service. Learn More About Us»

Collaborating With Your Organization for Success

We understand the economic climate in Alberta. It has changed from one of relative abundance to one that requires companies to be strategic, develop systems and improve processes and develop organizational capacity to succeed. We'll help you grow your quality business in this demanding environment by leveraging our research skills to optimize your business model. As organizational learning and development consultants, we focus on due diligence; industry best practice; management obligations, responsibilities and rights; governance, policy, practices and procedures, and more. Contact us today for innovative and practical solutions for your organization.

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